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The Ultimate Intelligence


The answers to the questions we have been asking are now here; about evolution, time travel, intelligence, about why UFO's still visit us and why we cannot sustain life on other planets.

For years men have been trying to find out where we came from.

Many myths and facts of sightings of unidentified flying objects have been noted as far back as Egyptian times and have been referenced to in the book of days.

When an object of flames was seen burning in a ring in Egyptian times, could it have been a jet engine?

A space craft which crashed during these ancient times was discovered in modern times, was removed and guarded in a classified location.

Another crashed UFO containing two suvivors was discovered; the 'Greys' soon died.
Backward engineering of the UFO technology led to production of mobile phones and their related technologies.

A new space craft designed around the UFO technologies was used to put the new GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) satellite into orbit In 1974 but it was lost; complications occured and the space craft was pulled of course after losing fuel, it was drawn towards the moon where it finally crashed landed and came to rest in an area no man has been to before.

One survivor was still onboard the space craft.

Astronaut, James Newton; he walked free from the wreckage but to his amazement saw a building on the moon.

He entered the building and found a community of beings who looked like 'Grays'. He realised that he had landed on the Moon of the future.

He was told that the Earth would soon be destroyed by a castrophic event which would kill all life on Earth.

The Grey community was also running out of the resources they needed to survive and he was asked to seek new life and resources on other planets.

After failing to aquire the resources they need to survive, a plan to return to earth's past mission is set.

When he reached Earth everything seemed so primitive.

Can he succeed and bring back what he and the Grays need to survive and will he finally get back to his time? Will he uncover the answer to evolution and how far man has really advanced?

The Ultimate Intelligence is a film based on astonishing events, it explains why we are visited by UFO's and about the life which already exists on nineteen other planets.

This film holds the keys to evolution as we now know it to be.

A secret kept by governments that sent 'them' there in the first place.