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The Masonic Coins of The Roman Empire

A dictator finds religious artefacts which opens a doorway to secrete scriptures written for the ruling of the world, its wealth and to enslave man of his own sense of freedom.
A coding so powerful it killed millions and had taken over half the world.


Film Synopsis
Enslaved by our perceived freedom by those who have found power from ancient Rome through to the present day. A code hidden in our coins by a secret brotherhood will change the world as we know it. While the powers of good and bad struggle to find the code; will the power land in the right hands?

Only time will tell. Those who seek it both know that whoever finds it, will set a chain of events in motion to become the most powerful race on earth.
"The Masonic Coins of the Roman Order" is a film about the scriptures and coins, which bear the markings of the mason's coding created by the mighty Roman Empire.
They bare markings that appear to have an inscripted message taken from the holy book.

Taken in to battle to destroy and take over most of the world for the good of man kind - a message so powerful it has changed the way we see the world.
Once it is discovered by a dictator, in the wrong hands, it becomes cursed and many people die...
The coins were smuggled out of Rome in the body of Christ and hidden by a brotherhood sworn to secrecy over their very existence but once in the Hitler's hands,

the whole world starts to suffer. Using the coins, Hitler created an Enigma Code so powerful it could conquer the world and was only understood by those of the Masonry.

He wanted to rewrite the history books and become the ruler of the most powerful races as was told by the Romans. Uncovered by the masons, the secret was hidden and preserved by the new senate who now protect it. The coins protect the superpowers who possess them to keep them safe so that we remain slaves of our own freedom.

The story as told in the film is a race for good v's evil. Once the code is broken and the final coin found, the world will change as we know it.

Whether that is for good or bad, only time will tell.

The secrets have been hidden in the coins for so long that even the most intelligent of us wouldn't see them and would assume it is was a myth. Will we see it before it is too late? Do those who already know of its existence declare sovereignty over its power? Or once again will it fall into the wrong hands, be used to keep the masses at bay and the truth hidden from us? Once it is realised that the final coin needs to be found to enlighten the final scripture and to enslave the world in a new World Order; the race will be on between the Illuminat, the Masons and the Seniti to reclaim what once was there and to gain power over the world.

The film is loosely based on historical events.