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The Gangster's Runner


The second part to 'The Devils Dandruff' series sees Jason being forced back into the gangster's paradise. Only this time the stakes are higher and the risks are bigger but he wants out. Has Jason got what it takes to pull out of it another time or will his efforts be wasted by the very people he thought were his friends?


Film Synopsis

Another exciting and intriguing tale of a young man trying to survive whilst mixed up in a world of crime takes you to distant shores with a phone call from an old friend in need.

Jason finds himself back in London's underworld which he had fought so hard to leave. Again he falls to the temptation of drugs, money, beautiful women, sex, night clubs, guns and gangsters. No longer the boy in a man's world; Jason has come of age...

Mr. B, Old School, Johnny the hit man and the very sexy Mandy all feature with new characters as the story continues. Jason is a little older and wiser but can he finally turn over his ace card?

Can Jason finally leave Mr B and the 'Circus' behind or will he continue to be "The Gangster's Runner"?

Will he keep his growing addiction to the Devils Dandruff?

"The Gangster's Runner" gives amazing insights into the underworld that happens all around us.

Based on the true life story and book by author Jason Cook.