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The Devil's Dandruff


The Devil's Dandruff is an original story based on the first book of a true life trilogy and combines the energy of youth and the dark dealings of London's criminal underworld - a combination that makes reading the script a real "page turner." This film is based on criminal reality, not only here in Britain but in other parts of the world to give a new look at life on the streets and the underworld that feeds it; from dirty cash, sex, drugs addiction, guns, gangsters and to prison and back.

The movie shows mens susceptiblity to the allure of attractive women, money and power with true experiences that start from one line of cocaine to eventual gangster's runner; 'The Devil's Dandruff' will have you gripped.


Film Synopsis

'One cheeky line was never enough and a thousand was way too many'

'Would you risk your whole life for a shoot at the big time?'

It starts with a young naive boy who; through his addiction to the devils dandruff - 'cocaine', found himself on a rollercoaster ride of good times and bad nearly losing his life, friends and family.

JASON at 19, is finding it hard keeping his finances up with his cocaine drug addiction. Realising that drug dealers are never short of money, he sets out to make this his career with the help of notorious crime boss, MR B. Jason very quickly becomes entangled in the dangerous underground crime world that engulfs him in drugs, sex, corruption and murder.

Spiralling down the rabbit hole of crime, his drug addiction starts to take hold and he barely recognises the man staring back at him in the mirror. Theft and violence are now an everyday occurrence as Jason fights to survive this demonic world. Eventually ending up in prison, he befriends one of the most powerful gangsters in London - 'Mr Niz' who runs an international organisation and he is made an offer he can't refuse. But can Jason move from being a runner to a killer?

Only time will tell...


'The Devils Dandruff' - Based on the best selling book 'There's no Room for Jugglers in my Circus'.