The Way Forward Productions Ltd.
The Way Forward Productions Ltd., Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood, WD6 1JG

Rats in Space

A 3D animation film for the whole family.

In 1961 hector a rat went in to space and this is his story.


Film Synopsis
Can rats really reach the moon? After a frightening and sudden cheese shortage which shocks the entire rodent community, it's down to Lenny Duddleswell and his fellow space partners to boldly go where no rat has gone before.
Lenny Duddlewell is an aspiring young rat who has always dreamed of reaching the stars and now, with the shortage of earth cheese; there is only one place left to look: the moon. The Rodent Aeronautics and Space Administration (RASA) have the resources, mouse power, the goal and all are at the ready for one big launch into outer space.
On Lenny's first day at school he falls instantly in love with the beautiful young mouse Guinevere Beaufort and will do anything to get recognized by her. He thus commits himself to the RASA in order to impress his desired love. The only problem is Lenny isn't exactly cut out to be an astronaut; in fact he is quite unfit and
unsurprisingly he falls at the first hurdle and is brutally kicked out of the RASA thanks to his arch rival Vincent Castellano. Fortunately the commanding officer Major Roquefort decides to give Lenny a second chance.

With no time to lose; he undergoes an intensive training regime alongside his childhood friend Nessa in order to get into RASA once and for all. Will Lenny get the chance to show what his made of?