The Way Forward Productions Ltd.
The Way Forward Productions Ltd., Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood, WD6 1JG


One night's stay could be a nightmare. When you next go to a hotel where and they say they have vacancies; check out before you check in or you may never get to leave.

When five girls and two boys go on a trip to London the only way back is through a court room after four of them die.

The finger points at the last person standing.

Can she explain what happened in the time that passed?

Why did they stay there for that one night that saw her friends die in brutal ways?

Where are the bodies that have mysteriously disappeared?

Did they have no choice but to stay in a hotel that always has vacancies?

Will she be sent to a mental institute or will the court believe her disturbing, unbelievable description of events which led to the brutal murder of four girls and one boy that night?

Does Julie hold the key to where the missing bodies are?