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"Always read the small print as you may never know what you're really signing up for"

Film Synopsis
Steven, an internationally acclaimed bodyguard; is sent on an assignment to protect the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Indonesian diamond dealer and he becomes unwittingly embroiled in a diamond mining heist which takes him into the depths of the Borneo jungle and into the lair of an arms dealing warlord.

This is an action packed story of deceit and greed at the highest levels of international intelligence.

Two bodyguards who have just finished protecting diplomatic figures for the Prime Minister and are hired for a top secret mission by an American agent called Stan Richtor.

The mission involves a billionaire and some gold mines but only a contractual agreement will keep them in line and quiet. Steven Marshall, a highly trained body guard selected for his skills, loyalty and past track record is to go on a mission to look after the billionaire's daughter. After signing a contractual agreement and agreeing to take on this last job; Steven soon finds himself mixed up and way out of his depth.

The mission turned his world upside down and he soon realises a web of uncertainty after he is met by the police on his return.
In custody, under interrogation, the police believe he was and is still involved in a kidnapping as he would not talk to them. He is sworn by the contractual agreement not to talk about the job or else he would lose his five million pounds.
Will Steven Marshall be bound by the contractual agreement or he will forfeit the money? What would you do, talk and lose the lot or keep quiet and try and recall your steps? After he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy to steal the gold from a secret mine without his knowledge. Steven keeps quiet and tries to recall everything to piece together a plan that will save him, the money and to ensure return of the gold he had inadvertantly robbed before it is all too late.


The film will be shot mostly in London, England and locations in Indonesia with filming being done in and around iconic land marks.